Q: Can I pause or skip a month?

A: Yes! After you sign up, you can access your subscriptions dashboard by following these steps:

  1. Log into your Heroine Sport site account
  2. Go to your Account page.
  3. Click "Manage Subscriptions"
  4. Click your subscription order number.  You will then be taken to a page where you can manage it.


Q: Can I return or exchange the leggings for a different color?

A: You can exchange the leggings if you run into a sizing issue. However, in order to keep things streamlined on our end, we cannot accommodate exchanges for other colors.


Q: Can I return or exchange my mask?

A: Nope, all masks are final sale and non-refundable. Stay safe out there!


Q: How are the leggings chosen for each month?

A: Trade secret. :wink: We're great stylists.


Q: Can I choose what color I want?

A: We'll handle color choice. Trust us, it'll look good on you.


Q: Is there a day of the month that my stuff will ship?

A: Your subscription box will ship monthly within our normal shipping window from the day that your subscription was initiated.